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Imagine a bizarre traffic accident involving a plumber's repair truck and a marching band equipment van. If you saw a group of teenagers picking through the aftermath of that kind of crash strewn all over the highway, that's pretty much what This Way Up looks like on stage.

This Way Up is actually the Crull family: Eric and Danielle, Jax, Max and Carson, who play a type of music called "Unconventional Percussion". Their "instruments" are colorful lengths of plastic tubes called Boomwhackers and corrugated drainage pipe. Everything is tuned up to specific notes and played like a gigantic demented whacked out pipe organ!

Check out our video where we play "Jesus Loves Me" on poker chips!

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Boomwhackers Music Message Dramatics
Tuned plastic tubes and corrugated drain pipe.
"Normal" worship music and acappella singing.
God's relevant word for His people.
Original Christian-based short films and dramas.

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